YUI Masonry is a dynamic layout widget for YUI 3. You can easily build a Pinterest-like layout on your website.


  • Required: YUI 3.2 or later. We mainly support the latest YUI build (Now it is 3.6.0) but Iit was also well tested on YUI 3.2 to 3.6.
  • Optional: In some cases, images are runtime/dymanic loaded by 3rd provider. We do not know necessary information(e.g. height/width) of them before loaded. ImagesLoaded allows you do something (Ttriggers a callback) after all images on a page (or section) have been loaded.

Graded Browser Support

We follow Graded Browser Support defined by YUI team. YUI Masonry was well tested on modern browsers.


YUI Masonry is licensed under the BSD License unless stated otherwise.